Bulletin - September 25, 2022

Hymn of the Day


(tune: "Amazing Grace")


Compared with Christ, in all beside,

No beauty can I see;

The one thing needful, dearest Lord,

Is to be one with Thee.


The sense of Thy redeeming love,

Into my soul convey;

Thyself bestow, for Thee alone,

My All-in-All, I pray.


Less than Thyself will not suffice,

My comfort to restore;

More than Thyself I cannot crave,

And Thou canst give no more.


Loved by my God, for Him again,

With love intense I burn;

Chosen of Thee e’re time began,

I choose Thee in return.


What’re consists not with Thy love;

Oh, teach me to resign;

I’m rich t’all the intents of bliss,

If Thou, O God, art mine.


Today’s Hymns:

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ - #495

The Lord Is King – cb22

Rock of Ages - #126


Special Dates:

Jason Vlastuin – 27

Hudsyn Ranschau – 2

Haevyn Ranschau - 2


I will be out of town next week, October 2. In my absence, there will be no adult Bible Study. Eric Van Beek will bring the gospel to you.




God must save us before we will desire to be saved. God must give light before we know we were in darkness. God must give life before we will know that we were dead. God must do everything in our salvation. -John Chapman




The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me

because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor...

-Isaiah 61:1


This has always been the one undeniable mark of the Holy Spirit's presence.  The Spirit of God can enable a man to do many things, but, in every case of the Holy Spirit's anointing of a man, the preaching of the good news, the gospel, is found.  May the Spirit give us this anointing! -Joe




Fear not: I am with thee. I have redeemed thee,

I have called thee by the name; thou art Mine.

-Isaiah 43:1


How often does GOD say to his people, “fear not!” GOD might well chide and rebuke them; for fear is the dark shadow of unbelief. If the LORD is our light and salvation, whom should we fear? If the LORD is the strength of our life, of whom should we be afraid? if GOD has promised, will he not perform? If the shepherd is with us, why need we fear any evil, even in the valley of the shadow of death? Fear is also the sickening fainting of the heart, which is not completely filled with the love of GOD, and perfectly satisfied with the gift of eternal life. Fear is the immediate result of the heart turning away from CHRIST to the difficulties and dangers which surround us. If we truly believed and loved, or if, free from the dollar tree, we rested in that great word, “I am the Lord thy God,” we should be without fear. Yet GOD in his mercy says, fear not; for GOD is very pitiful. “He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we are dust.” (Psalm 103:14) even Abraham, who is held up as a pattern of strong faith, needed the encouragement of this word, when the fulfillment of the promise was delayed, and the desolate heart became faint and chilly. GOD said to him, “Fear not: I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.” (Genesis 15:1) and Abraham’s children are often full of fear and lonely faintness. GOD sees them in their weakness, worm Jacob, and therefore He says to them so often, and with such loving and consoling emphasis, “Fear not: I am with thee. I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by the name; thou art Mine.” (Isaiah 43:1).   -Adolph Saphir




When the unbeliever dies, he has already experienced the best he shall ever enjoy. When the believer dies, he has already endured the worst he shall ever suffer.  -Joe




There is not one heart alive that does not need to be prepared to worship, to enter into the presence of God, and to hear the Word of God for this hour. We would do well to rise a little earlier, to read the Scriptures, and to arrive at the house of God in time to get our greetings over with and prepare to worship the King in an attentive and prayerful fashion.


During the sermon, with the open Bible before us, we should give the most sincere attention to the minister. Let our eyes, ears, and thoughts be directed to the message not to those about us. The birds of night use every subtle means to rob us of the life-giving seed. A crying infant, a late comer, a sleeping companion, a slip of the tongue by one who speaks - any and all things are used to make one turn attention from the Word.


And I am certain that many serious impressions have been lost through the idle chit-chat and foolish talk after the sermon. We feel that we must talk, and I suppose that we must, for we cannot stand around and stare at one another. Love and fellowship must be expressed. But wouldn’t it be more profitable for us to direct our conversation toward the message, the Scriptures, the mercies and blessings of God in Christ that our hearts not wander from spiritual impressions made by the Word? -Henry Mahan




The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ produces a humble and loving spirit, but religion without Christ (even though it be quite orthodox) fills the mind with pride, vanity, and self-esteem.  These people often spend their time in controversy, disputes, and strife over words, ordinances, laws, church discipline, and government.  Their ministry and contact with others produce quarrels and dissension, insults and suspicion, envy and jealousy.  "From such withdraw thyself."   The true grace of God holds and proclaims the gospel of His glory in the Spirit of our Lord and will bring His people together in righteousness, joy, and peace.  -Henry Mahan