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Bulletin - October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020


Hymn of the Day

(tune: There is a Fountain, 222)


As on the cross of Christ I thought, It seemed I heard one cry,

"Is all this nothing in your eyes, You who this day pass by?

Is not such suff'ring greater than, That which you've seen before?"

And was there ever any man, Who grieved or suffered more?"


I looked again, and what I saw, I cannot fully tell;

It seemed within His very bones, There raged the fire of hell.

"What caused your grief?" I asked the man, "What crimes could you have done?

That God, Jehovah, struck you down, And left you all alone?"


His answer cut my heart like steel,  And left me void of breath;

"'Tis for your sins this pain I feel, For you I go to death!"

"Your soul, before my Father's throne, Could find no place to hide."

"This is the way God can be just, And you be justified."


Jehovah's mercies never fail, Each morning they are new;

Great is His faithfulness and love, Therefore, we're not consumed!

Jehovah God, in Christ the Son, Shall all my portion be,

My soul shall, therefore, wait for Him, And live eternally.



Today's Hymns

Even Me #168,

Crown Him with Many Crowns #62,

Hallelujah, God Has Saved Me #cb11



Special Dates:

(Belated)  Jason Vlastuin – (September) 27

Sharon Schuster – 2 ~ Hudsyn Ranschau – 2 ~ Haevyn Ranschau - 2


(Current) James Vlastuin – 7 ~ Ian Vlastuin – 7

Allen & Wanda – 8 ~ Bob & Nancy – 12



The Lord willing, Morgan Van Der Brink will confess Christ in baptism this coming October 11. We thank God for the grace given to her and welcome her into our assembly.




How many millions of dazzling pearls and gems are at this moment hid in the deep recesses of the ocean caves. Just so, unfathomable oceans of grace are in Christ for you. Dive and dive again — you will never come to the bottom of these depths!


One gem from the ocean of Christ's preciousness, is worth all the pebbles from earthly streams.


Learn much of the Lord Jesus. For every look at yourself — take ten looks at Christ. He is altogether lovely. Live much in the smiles of God. Bask in his beams. Feel his all-seeing eye settled on you in love — and repose in his almighty arms.  -Robert Murray McCheyne




And [Moses] said unto him, "If thy presence go not with me,

carry us not up hence. ~Exodus 33: 15


Moses was rather for dying where he stood than to go one step without his God. Oh, my brother, if he will but go along with us, what need we be afraid of ten thousands that shall set themselves against us? (Psalm 3:5-8; 27:1-3). But, without him, the proud helpers fall under the slain (Isaiah 10:4).  - John Bunyan




"At the end of two full years" ~Genesis 41:1


God had promised Joseph that he would exalt him. That his own family would come and bow down before him. But this promise was slow in being fulfilled. Joseph was betrayed by his brethren, sold as a slave, falsely accused, and put in prison where his feet were hurt in the stocks.


Joseph had interpreted the dream for Pharaoh's butler, but the butler had forgotten to speak on Joseph's behalf. For two full years Joseph languished in prison. What an opportunity to grow weary and doubtful and unbelieving, and even bitter. How Satan must have tempted Joseph to curse the butler and accuse God - "Two full years"!


But the verse says, " At the end of two full years." The promises of God are sure to those in Christ, but the wheels that bring those promises can turn very slow sometimes, but the promises will arrive. There is an end that God has in mind. Now is the time to be tried - and sometimes tried sore too. Trials that are not only deep as Joseph's dungeon but trials that last for years as his did. But the promise will come. Wait patiently for it, (Hebrews 6:11-15).


Dear Brother Fortner used to say, "Don't judge God by His providence, but judge His providence by Him." Joseph lived in the faith that God was good and was working all these trials for a good end (Genesis 50:20). This kept him from being swallowed up in weariness and from growing bitter at God or man.  -Bruce Crabtree




In Christ there is no great and small, no important and unimportant, but only sinners saved by the grace of God. We are all brethren! The servant is not greater than his Lord; and if the Lord humbled himself to become a servant, shall we not do likewise? Happy are those who know this gracious truth by experience and perform the doing of it. -Henry Mahan




Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ,

and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

~2 Corinthians 2.14


The apostle gave thanks unto God because, as he preached Christ, God always made him to triumph and made manifest the savor (spread abroad the knowledge of Christ) as the savor of a sacrifice. This savor is unto God a sweet savor of Christ in them that are saved. The preaching of Christ is a savor of life and death, and as Christ is preached, he is life to them who believe, receive, bow to, and rejoice in Him as their only pleas and righteousness before God.


     But even as Christ is preached, He is a savor unto death in them that perish - to them who won't believe, won't receive, won't bow to, and don't rejoice in Christ. They feel they do not need the savor of a sacrifice before the holiness and justice of God.


When the gospel is preached, there are two things always taking place (even though most are unaware of it); some are being prepared for glory, others are being hardened. Some are being brought to the light, some are left sitting in darkness. Some see Christ and His glory; others see no beauty about Him. Some who hear the gospel have their hearts made tender towards sin, others have their hearts hardened in sin. No wonder we say, "Who is sufficient for these things"?


The question we should all be asking is, "How is the preaching of the gospel affecting me"?   -Don Bell