Bulletin - November 7, 2021

Hymn of the Day

(tune: "O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" p.46)


There is no work that I can do,

And thus, for sin atone;

The precious blood of Christ must save,

Must save and that alone.


The leopard cannot change its spots,

Nor sin its deadly hue;

And ne'er can works, however good,

A sinful heart remove.


Not all the waters of the earth,

Can wash one sin away,

Nor all the laying on of hands,

Teach one poor soul to pray.


The blood, the blood, the precious blood,

Can cleanse us from our sin;

And nothing else in earth or heav'n,

Can make us pure within.


The blood the blood, the precious blood,

The blood of Christ alone;

Can all the load of guilt remove,

And change the heart of stone.


Today's Hymns

When All They Mercies, O My God - #11

We praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer - #20

Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim - #45


Special Dates: Pat Koedam – 13




I can appreciate the ability of the learned botanist to give me the scientific name of a rose, the origin of it, the various types of roses, how and where they grow, and the number of petals, thorns, and leaves to expect on a genuine rose; but too often those who become overly entangled in these things somehow lose the most important things—the BEAUTY and FRAGRANCE of the rose! I hope in our teaching, preaching, and witnessing concerning the gospel of our dear Saviour we do not become more concerned with the system than the SWEETNESS, with the mechanics rather than the MERCY, with the right terminology rather than the right SPIRIT and ATTITUDE. You will soon weary my head if you don't warm my heart; and while I am eager to learn more of HOW, WHY  and WHEN I got in Christ, I would like to rejoice and enjoy my RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST!  He is my Rose of Sharon which brightens my life and sends His sweet fragrance through my soul. One can preach about Christ and not preach Christ, just as one can know how God saves sinners and not be a saved sinner.  "O the wonder of it all, just to think that CHRIST LOVES ME." -Henry Mahan




True love for Christ and others is not a fancy virtue to which certain saints have attained; it is the common, everyday character of God's children. Love is not the prerogative of a few; it must be the possession of all. Do not look upon love as a lofty model you cannot reach; you must reach it. This love is not a thing greatly desirable, but it is absolutely necessary; for if you excel in every gift, yet have not love, it will profit you nothing. I pray that his shall be understood by us at the beginning, lest we should slip away from the truth taught us by the Holy Spirit and should excuse ourselves from this grace of love with the notion that it is too high a virtue and we are so feeble that we cannot enter into eternal life. "He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love!"   -C.H. Spurgeon




Before the holiness of God every man finds out that he is a lost sinner.  No one can stand upright in the presence of God. The Pharisee was not praying when looking up towards the sky.  He stood and said to himself, "God, I thank Thee that I am not like other people."  He was persuading himself that he was righteous, but he could only do that in the absence of God. The Pharisee was not praying. He was enjoying the sound of his own voice. He was deceiving himself.    -Scott Richardson




The guilt which the throne detects, the altar removes. If in the light of the throne one object is seen, namely, ruined, guilty, undone self; then, in the light of the altar, one object is seen, namely a full, precious, all-sufficient Christ. The remedy reaches to the full extent of the ruin, and the same light that reveals the one reveals the other likewise. This gives settled repose to the conscience. God Himself has provided a remedy for all ruin which the light of His throne has revealed.  -copied




Christ did not say, "If you want to go to heaven, keep my commandments," or, "If you want to keep out of hell, keep my commandments," but, "IF YOU LOVE ME, keep my commandments."  Apparently, religion today cannot comprehend a gift of eternal life in Christ that constrains us to walk in His word and commandments because WE LOVE HIM.  I asked a preacher recently, "Why don't you teach obedience to Jesus Christ by LOVE instead of FEAR?"  He replied, "IT WON'T WORK!" -copied




For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

~Matthew 16.26


A few years ago, I was going to the various cemeteries in the area where I grew up looking for the burial places of relatives. I noted, in particular, the magnificent tombs of some of the wealthy and influential people. They were not satisfied to be buried in a hole in the ground with a slab of granite identifying their spot. They were not even satisfied to have a magnificent tombstone. Instead, they had their own little mausoleum, a stone structure with a door and the family name above the door. Impressive, indeed!


I do not recall the name above the door, nor can I say with any real certainty what was the condition of their soul; God has chosen a few from among the rich. But as I looked at that impressive and very costly burial chamber, it occurred to me that such a burial spot is all one gets from gaining a goodly portion of the world. That's it. Not much for the price of one's soul!


Whatever you make provision for, make provision for your soul. Or better yet, seek that provision that God has already made and seek it with all your heart.  -Joe