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1616 18th Street,
Rock Valley, IA 51247

Worship Times:

9:45 AM - Bible Classes
10:30 AM Regular Worship Service

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Church Interior

Worship Style

It is not unusual to see churches advertising a full schedule of worship services and activities throughout the week with both "traditional" and "contemporary" style worship services on Sundays.  

At Grace Community Church our worship style is best described as "simple." We do not believe that God is worshipped by a "style" but by sincere praise, prayer and preaching. The "mood" is serious but not stuffy; joyful but not chaotic.  We are nothing more than sinners worshiping the God who saved us by His grace.

Our regular worship services consist of hymn singing, Scripture reading, prayer and preaching. We hold preaching to be the primary means of  teaching and leading God’s people, thus we give it primacy in our worship.  An entire worship service lasts about 1 hour, and about 40 minutes of that hour is given over to preaching. On the audio and video portions of our web site, you can listen to and view entire worship services.

Attendance in the regualr wroship service varies from 35-70.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is God's written revelation of Himself and the gospel of His Son.

We have no creed other than the Scriptures and submit to no other authority for truth regarding the things of God.  All our doctrine is derived from the Scripture.  Therefore, in every worship service there is special emphasis laid upon the reading and preaching of the Scriptures.  Each service involves the reading of Scripture by one of the men of the church. Later, the Sermon Scripture Text is read.  The sermons are generally expositions of a particular text of Scripture. 1 Timothy 4.13; Colossians 3.16

Rather than give a detailed account of all the doctrines we believe, we refer you to the recorded sermons and articles on this site.

Bible Classes

Bible classes consist of expostions of Scripture. The primary difference between our Bible Classes and the preaching of our regular worship services is that, in the Bible Classes we start at the beginning of a book in the Bible and work our way through, verse by verse, week by week. Presently we are going through the book of 2 Corinthians.

We have informal classses for the children and young people.  At present, we have two classes for young people: pre-school and elementary.  Junior High and above go to the adult Bible Class. These classes run during the school year.  When school is not in session, children attend the adult Bible Class with their parents. We have the same purpose in our children's Bible Classes as we do in the adult classes: to use the Scriptures to make us "wise unto salvation." (2 Timothy 3.15)

Children and Youth

We do not have specail activities for the children and youth aside from the Bible Classes.  In the more than 30 years of our existence we have discovered that the young ones do, indeed, understand the preaching and teaching we do, epsecially when parents reinforce that teaching at home. Many who were children when our church began in 1987 are now adult members with children of their own in the congregation.  This was achieved with very few special activities for the youth.

Those with infants have several options.  Many have simply kept their infants with them during the morning worship service, and we are happy for them to do so as long as the little ones remain reasonably quiet.  When babies in the auditorium get fussy, parents may take them to the "cry room" at the rear of the auditorium.  This is a sound-proof room with a window into the audtorium and a speaker system so the worship service may be heard.  This cry room also serves as the nursery.

Preaching Christ and Him crucified...nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!