of Rock Valley, IA

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Our Beginning

Grace Community Church arose out of the desire of several families to have a place where they could worship in peace and good conscience. After several years of moving from church to church in the hope of finding such a place already established, they began to meet together to watch video tapes of faithful preachers. At the same time, they began having various preachers spend a weekend preaching to them.  In 1987 they extended a call to Joe Terrell to come as their pastor.  He accepted their call and moved with his family to the area in June of 1987.  A church was formed and one year later a building was purchased.

Our Present

We experienced the first harvest of the Lord's grace as several confessed Christ in baptism on November 1, 1987. Since then we have seen several families join our original group.  We count it a special blessing that many who were just children when the work began have since professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and continued to worship with us.  In turn they are teaching their children the gospel they heard in their youth and we are hoping for a good harvest from that generation as well.

Even though we have grown older and a new generation is arising among us, the Lord Jesus remains "the same yesterday, today and forever."  Our need has not changed and our Savior has not changed, therefore, our message and methods have not changed.

Church Interior

Preaching Christ and Him crucified...nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!