Bulletin - April 17, 2022

Hymn of the Day

Tune: How Firm a Foundation, p.


With harps and with vials there stands a great throng,

In the presence of Jesus and sings this new song;

"To Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin,

To Him be the glory forever, Amen"


All these once were sinners, defiled in His sight,

Now arrayed in pure garments, Their voices unite;

"To Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin,

To Him be the glory forever, Amen"


He maketh the rebel a priest and a king,

He hath bought us and taught us this new song to sing;

"To Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin,

To Him be the glory forever, Amen"


Aloud in His praises our voices shall ring,

So that others, believing, this new song shall sing;

"To Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin,

To Him be the glory forever, Amen"




Today’s Hymns

It is Well With My Soul #256,

Christ the Lord Is Ris’n Today #137

Hallelujah! What a Savior #127


Special Dates: Mae Van Beek – 17

Les Veen – 24 ~ Diane Vander Velde – 27




A glorious throne, exalted from the beginning,

is the place of our sanctuary. Jeremiah 17.12


The word “sanctuary” means a holy or sacred place. It can be applied in a variety of ways from a place of worship to a place of peace, rest, and safety. For the believer, the place of his worship, peace, rest, and safety are all in one place – The Throne of their Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Most Holy Place of the Jewish Tabernacle was a symbol of heaven and God’s throne. Our Savior entered the true tabernacle and offered Himself without spot to God. This an entry into the presence of the enthroned god was made for us. And when we approach that throne, we see that it is Christ, Himself, who is enthroned there. As much as we speak of the cross, it is at the throne we worship and find our pace, rest, and safety. We worship no “wants-to-be Lord;” we worship the Lord from heaven. It is in this knowledge - that the One Who died for us is now seated on the universal throne - that we find our comfort and confidence in this life. Apart from “A glorious throne, exalted from the beginning,” we have no God worthy of worship and no Savior worthy of confidence!  -Joe




The world beyond the grave is unknown. If more had been said, we would understand no better. Do you want my opinion to add to yours? I think not! It is enough to know we will be raised; those of life to life, and those of death to death. We will be free from everything that is now weakness and infirmity. There will be no more sin and death. We will enjoy the presence of God and Christ.  –Milton Howard




Lord, make me to know my end and the measure of my days

that I may know how frail I am. ~Psalm 39:4


When we, by God’s grace, are wise enough to face death, judgement, and eternity, things are seen in their proper light. All these fine ideas of fame, fortune, and friends, and our so-called importance melts like frost in the sun. Death reveals the truth, blows away the chaff, shuts a man’s mouth, and opens the books! Death takes no notice of what I thought nor what others thought of me, but only of what God thinks. “Oh, that I may win Christ and be found in him.”  -Henry Mahan




O come; let us sing unto the Lord...

O come let us worship and bow down...

For He is our God;

and we are the people of His pasture,

and the sheep of His hand

-Psalm 95


 True worship exalts God to His rightful place, and His rightful place is on the throne of His sovereignty over this entire world, in the affairs of every creature, and especially in the affairs of His chosen people.  William Cowper wrote, "The dearest idol I have known, whate'er that idol be, help me to tear it from Thy throne, and worship only Thee."  Let us give glory to him alone, who is due all glory, all praise, and all honor, now and forevermore.  -Terry Worthan




Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live:

and let me not be ashamed of my hope.  ~Psalm 119:116


A man would be ashamed of his hope if it turned out that it was not based upon a sure foundation. The Lord taught that there will be many that will learn too late that they built their hope on their own works which proved to be as a house built on sand. When the storm came that house fell. That will never be true of a child of God who built his hope on Jesus Christ. They will never be ashamed that they put their trust in Christ. They will never have a reason to be. The hope of believer’s rests on the sure foundation of the grace of God that is in Christ Jesus. Since it is a good hope through grace, and an anchor of the soul, sure and steadfast, we can be certain that those with such a hope will never be ashamed.  -Larry Criss




Mercy and Truth; Righteousness and Peace

Psalm 85:10


These four Divine attributes parted at the fall, and met again at the birth of Christ.  Mercy was ever inclined to save man, and Peace could not be his enemy; but truth exacted the performance of God's threat, "The soul that sinneth it shall die; " and righteousness could not but give to everyone his due, Jehovah must be true in all His ways, and righteous in all his works.  Now, there is no religion upon earth, except the Christian [religion] which can satisfy the demands of these claimants, and restore a union between them; which can show how God's word can be true; and His works just; and the sinner, notwithstanding, find mercy and obtain peace. -George Horn, 1730-1792